Welcome to The Bridgehampton Florist’s New Blog!

October 17, 2013 in Michael's Blog

We are planning to have fun! We’ll show you everything from how to do easy tablescapes to flower care that makes your flowers last. We’ll take you to all the fun events we’re a part of. We’ll sneak you into photo shoots like the one we’re doing this week: The Holidays at our good friend Christie Brinkley’s house. And of course, we’ll take you behind the scenes and onto the set of “Barefoot Contessa” Ina Garten.

MichaelJim and I opened the store 28 years ago. So we’ll never run out of photos to share from our archives. We’ll show you everything from fun moments at The Hampton Classic to our 22 years as Bay Street Theatre sponsors.

But this isn’t all about us. Let us know you thoughts, ask me questions. Tell me what you want to learn. I’ll do my best to answer every one.

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