The Bridgehampton Florist shop

In the heart of the Hamptons, The Bridgehampton Florist is the destination for the Hampton’s best flowers, including the largest selection of orchids anywhere on the East End. The shop is filled with a wide selection of wonderfully curated gifts for every important occasion. Drop in for attentive service, thoughtful gift ideas and even the greeting cards to go with them.


Michael and Jim

Michael Grim and Jim Osburn have been an integral part of the Hamptons community for over 30 years. Their knowledge of flowers, their impeccable taste and their genuine delight in their work are unmatched and yours whenever the occasion calls for it.






The Bridgehampton Florist is far more than a conventional flower shop. We offer complete floral design services tailored to your home. We can make your next event the most memorable of occasions –whether it’s an intimate dinner for 6 or a once-in-a-lifetime party. Call for a consultation.


Their Lovely Creations Have Graced My Home Throughout The Seasons

If you are looking for flowers that your guests will be talking about long after their visit, there is no better choice in my book than The Bridgehampton Florist. The moment you meet Michael and Jim, you become family. They are generous and kind, experienced and creative and are masters of their craft. From a singular bloom to a riotous arrangement, from the simplest country bouquet to sophisticated gala chic, BH Florist has no equal. Their lovely creations have graced my home throughout the seasons and over several decades. – Julie Andrews

Flower Whisperers

What a luxury to have a florist you can trust implicitly with any possible occasion!  Michael and Jim have an artistic flair and magical touch that is all class, elegance and taste — with a dash of creative whimsy.  In addition to their remarkably fresh and beautiful blooms, they are extremely personable, caring and loads of FUN.  We just love to hear the oohh’s and aahh’s of guests enjoying their most extraordinary creations that have graced our home for over a decade. — Rob Marshall & John DeLuca

Subtle and Elegant Floral Designs

Michael is my wife’s florist and he is incredibly talented. I think his designs are subtle and elegant and don’t overwhelm my home. He is a warm presence every time he works in our home and his flowers bring happiness to my wife and family. Originally, I wasn’t interested in seeing flowers around the house, but once I got used to it and began to appreciate it then, I noticed there were flowers everywhere, but in my office. I asked why I was left out, and I think that made Michael happy that I noticed and appreciated his work. The next week and ever since, I have had small flowers in my office. – David

My Glorious Bouquet

I have been using Jim and Michael for 15+ years for the same glorious bouquet pretty much year round. Jim and Michael and my glorious bouquet were so much a part of my life that I couldn’t live without them even during major construction, scaffolding, paint tarps and all…it made that process bearable and beautiful! – Jane Wenner

Creative Genius

Thanks to Jim and Michael’s creative genius, attention to detail and masterfully breathtaking floral arrangements I have attended some of the most beautiful weddings! (most of them mine!) Fortunately, they also make the most charming condolence bouquets…so colorful and fresh, they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter what! Life is always full of surprises and reasons to celebrate, and EVERY occasion is made more beautiful and memorable with Jim and Michael’s magic touch! After all, there aren’t many guaranties in life, but Bridgehampton Florist is one of them! As they say, “Life isn’t measured by the number of beaths you take, but by the number of bouquets that take your breath away” – Christie Brinkley

Fresh and Beautiful Arrangements

The flowers are fresh and beautiful and their arrangements, unusual. My weekly visits with Jim and Michael make me feel like I’m taking a stroll through the markets back home in Amsterdam! – Annette Roque Lauer

Wonderful Flower Shop

Michael Grim and Jim Osburn started this wonderful flower shop years ago, and it’s as good as ever. You can buy armloads of local flowers in the summer and beautiful imported flowers all year long. They also make gorgeous arrangements to send to that special someone. – Barefoot Contessa


How to Decorate a Mantelpiece for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We love to pull out all the stops when it comes to decorating mantelpieces for America's homegrown holiday, Thanksgiving!   It seems only natural to show an abundance of objects symbolizing our bountiful harvest.  Today we will show you to three mantlepieces we put together just for Thanksgiving.  625c7c34-4318-4699-8b7f-388cbd940d0f-copy The first stop on our tour of Thanksgiving Mantelpieces is at The American Hotel in Sag Harbor.  The hotel has a long and proud history dating back to 1846 when the town of Sag Harbor was one of the great Whaling ports.   The hotel, and the town, fell on hard times and in 1972 The American Hotel was badly in need of repair, hadn't hosted a guest since the 1930s or served a meal.  That's when owner Ted Conklin took over and brought the place--and with it, the town, back to life.  The newly restored American Hotel served its first meal on July 4th, 1972.  And it's been serving wonderful food and great wines ever since.  Because of its whaling past, the hotel is decorated with great maritime art. The working fireplace in the Dining Room Bar is showplace for one of the hotel's collection of paintings.  We packed this mantelpiece with a cornucopia of locally grown gourds, pumpkins and even cauliflower and brussels sprouts for color and texture. a977a031-b11c-4f95-a323-0422daa8488a-copy The Bridgehampton Florist is a treasure trove of Ironstone pottery.  You'll find dozens of examples of this British import which was first introduced in 1813 in Britain.  Ironstone was a mass-produced alternative to the more expensive porcelain. There is no iron in Ironstone. The name came from its strength and durability.  When it was brought to this country, Ironstone pieces endured many a wagon train journey without a scratch. 974219ba-7120-4669-8e45-8158bae9885c-copy Aside from its durability, Ironstone also boasted being so strong that it allowed for the creation of larger pieces than porcelain could be made into.  At the Bridgehampton Florist, you'll find a large variety of Ironstone pitchers all of which make spectacular vases.  Here we've used Oriental Kale in one and Rose Hips in another. 291cd327-f417-4cfb-afe7-1971bf01d1b1-copy Here an Ironstone container is put to beautiful use by filling it with miniature cobs of Indian corn and Hypernicum berries, which are local to the Hamptons. 21a5e7bf-82e8-471f-b43e-2a9beac0be9c-copy Even the American Hotel's Moose Mascot in the Hotel's Bar gets some Thanksgiving glamor in the form of bittersweet boughs and Indian Corn "Earrings". 20a2e521-52e1-4122-aa6c-886f4b6e7b8b-copy For a client who loves candlelight and candlesticks, we created a pumpkin themed mantelpiece to salute Thanksgiving in the dining room itself. 00439b35-eb79-4f70-b795-a7618f2829ff-copy Multi-colored gourds are combined with bittersweet and the unexpected: Here we used Brussels Sprouts for color and their unique texture and yes, that's a head of Cauliflower... 430dc631-cd73-4758-ba02-80cf2c79eeaf-copy For our final Thanksgiving Mantelpiece, we worked around this fireplace surround's permanent feature.  An Asian Gong adds a completely different feeling to this arrangement of bittersweet boughs and a selection of  gourds chosen for their warm yellow tones to complement the tiles that surround the fireplace itself. 2a910ead-dfc5-4f15-888c-13d98d286c1f-copy Whatever you chose to do to celebrate Thanksgiving, bring along your imagination. Visit your local farm stand, take a walk in the woods and bring back treasure to create your own celebration of this most American of holidays.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 0492d4b8-4ec3-473b-bccf-f2227c23a126-copy


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