We stock a magnificent range of orchids


If The Bridgehampton Florist has a signature plant, it would have to be the Orchid. We stock a magnificent range of orchids from the glorious Phalaenopsis or “moth orchids” to the Cattleya which love lots of natural light to the Vandas with their spectacular coloration to the Dendrobiums, we have the perfect orchid for every situation in the house. Orchids are remarkably long blooming and require far less care than you can imagine until you have one. They thrive in cooler house temperatures and require only a once a week dunking in water to keep them fresh and thriving for weeks.

Call us at 631-537-7766 and together we’ll pick the perfect orchid for you. And don’t forget, Orchids are a highly prized hostess gift. They bring beauty into every corner of a house.